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This neodymium ring magnets are made of grade N45 neodymium magnet and magnetized through the thickness directer. This neodymium magnet is made under ISO 9001 quality systems and pass QC department testwith superior quality and coated in Ni+Cu+Ni triple layers for a shinny corrosive resistance finish.

Leading supplier of Neodymium ring magnets, best cost you will find here. According to our customers demand,we ca designs and builds custom neodymium magnets and magnetic assemblies, Send us a request.Contact Solutions.

Fullzen as a neodymium ndfeb magnet factory, we provide the custom ring magnets service, we have thick and thin neodymium magnets. Some customers need industrial magnetic magnets, so we provide the magnetic solutions for our clients. At the magnet grade, many clients choose neodymium (n48) ring magnets. We’re already neodymium ring magnet for sale in our website, please contact with us.

  • Customized logo: Min. order 1000 pieces
  • Customized packaging: Min. order 1000 pieces
  • Graphic customization: Min. order 1000 pieces
  • Material: Strong Neodymium Magnet
  • Grade: N35-N52, N35M-N50M, N33H-N48H, N33SH-N45SH, N28UH-N38UH
  • Coating: Zinc,Nickel,Gold,Sliver etc
  • Shape: Customized
  • Tolerance: Standard tolerances, usually +/-0..05mm
  • Sample: If there is any in stock, we will send it within 7 days. If we don't have it in stock, we'll send it to you within 20 days
  • Application: Industrial Magnet
  • Size: We will offer as your request
  • Direction of Magnetisation: Axially through height
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    N45 Ring Magnet | Rare Earth Magnets

    Neodymium magnets come in a range of grades with N35 being the weakest and N54 being the strongest. As such, this N45 magnet is significantly more powerful than an N35 grade magnet which is the standard grade of magnet used in the majority of mass-produced products. We based on national standard to produce rubidium magnets of the grade required by the customer


    Material: Sintered Neodymium Magnet, Grade N45 Rare Earth Magnet

    Remanence (Br): 13,500 Gauss or 1.35 Tesla

    Pole Orientation: Axially Magnetized, the poles are on the flat surfaces

    Pull Force: 38.5 Lbs

    Tolerance: All +/- 0.0002"

    Custom Neodymium Ring Magnets

    We can custom manufacturer neodymium ring magnets to fit your exact specifications, just send us a special request and we’ll help you determine the most cost effective solution for your specialty project.

    Fast Global Shipping: Meet standard air and sea secure packing, More than 10 years of export experience

    Customized is Available: Please offer a drawing for your special design

    Affordable Price:  Choosing the most suitable quality of products means effective cost savings.


    What does N45 mean for magnets?

    N45 is the international standard NdFeB magnet row number N means high temperature resistance is less than or equal to 80 degrees, 45 means the range of residual magnetism.

    Are N45 magnets strong?

    NdFeB magnets are permanent magnets, but N45 is not the strongest rank among NdFeB magnets.

    What is the difference between N42 and N45 magnets?

    The difference between N42 and N45 magnets is that the remanence value of N45 magnets is higher than that of N42, which can also be understood as the suction force of N45 is greater than that of N42.

    Your Custom Custom Neodymium Magnets Project

    Fullzen Magnetics has more than 10 years of experience in the design and manufacture of custom rare earth magnets. Send us a request for quote or contact us today to discuss your project's specialty requirements, and our experienced team of engineers will help you determine the most cost effective way of providing you with what you need.Send us your specifications detailing your custom magnet application.

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