Where does a ring magnet come from?

Magsafe magnetic ring is made of neodymium magnet. The complete production process is: mining and extraction of raw materials, processing and refining of neodymium, iron and boron, and finally the manufacturing of the magnets themselves. China is the world's main producer of rare earths, accounting for 80% of the world's rare earths. Fullzen Company is also part of it and plays a very important role in the supply chain of neodymium magnets. Below we will describe the production process of magsafe magnetic ring:

1. Raw materials:

Magsafe magnetic ring is made of standard N52 performance neodymium magnet. When the raw materials are mixed to a certain proportion and sintered, standard square raw materials are formed. We turn the raw materials into multiple small magnets through three cuts, three molds, laser cutting, etc. Small magnets are electroplated according to customer requirements, which is to avoid the magnets from rusting.

2. Assembly:

We will make the jig according to the specific drawings of each magsafe magnetic ring. We use a swing machine to shake the small magnets into the jig one by one, then attach the blue protective film and white Mylar, and then assemble the tail. Magnetic, repetitive action. Finally, the magnet is magnetized. Be sure to pay attention to the direction of magnetization, and you need to know in advance where the magsafe ring magnet is used to judge.

3. Check the quality:

We will screen the quality once after cutting all the small magnets, and screen the quality again after electroplating. During the assembly process, we will check the quality of the small magnets for the last time. When it becomes a finished product, we will conduct random inspections to check the Gauss value of the magnets, etc., and provide a test report. After everything is OK, we will pack it and ship it.

Overall, the magnets used in MagSafe rings come from a variety of sources and go through a series of stages of processing and manufacturing before being incorporated into the final product. If you need to buy magsafe ring magnet, you can contact us.

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