what size is magsafe magnet?

As Apple's 12 series and above models begin to have Magsafe functions, magsafe-related products are becoming more and more widely used. Because of their unique design and functions, they have successfully attracted a large number of users, which has changed the way people live and brought convenience.

Currently, many magsafe ring magnets are used in mobile phone cases. They usually have an outer diameter of 54mm, an inner diameter of 46mm, and the conventional thicknesses are 0.55, 0.7, 0.8, and 1.0mm. There is usually a layer of white mylar on the surface, which ensures a beautiful appearance. sex. Of course, these sizes are not fixed, but they are similar. It depends on each company's product design. Some companies even add a layer of iron to the magnet to increase suction.

Like magnetic power banks, their usual outer diameter is 56 or 54mm, and their inner diameter is 46mm, which is to increase suction. These magnets usually require additional iron sheets. The thickness of the iron sheets is 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, etc., depending on how thick the magnet you need. If your magnet is very thick and you use a very thin piece of iron, it will cause magnetic jump and attract all the small magnets together, which is not allowed.

Typically these magnets are rated N52, which ensures the magnet is the strongest possible. Some customers have high temperature resistance requirements for magnets, such as N48H, the maximum operating temperature is 120°; N52SH, the maximum operating temperature is 150°. Of course, the better the temperature resistance, the higher the price.

MagSafe magnets have also inspired a wave of innovative applications and accessories. From magnetic card holders to car mounts, third-party developers leverage the MagSafe ecosystem to create a diverse range of products that enhance the user experience. As we move into the future of technology, one thing is for sure: MagSafe magnets will continue to fascinate and inspire us with their endless possibilities. If you want to design your magsafe products, please contact with us.

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