What is neodymium magnet used for?

In 1982, Masato Sagawa of Sumitomo Special Metals discovered neodymium magnets. The magnetic energy product (BHmax) of this magnet is greater than that of the samarium cobalt magnet, and it was the material with the largest magnetic energy product in the world at that time. Later, Sumitomo Special Metals successfully developed the powder metallurgy process, and General Motors successfully developed the spin spray melting method, which can prepare NdFeB magnets.


Function one:

First of all, a neodymium magnet can be used as a compass because it has good conductivity, so a neodymium magnet can also be used as an electromagnetic relay or a generator. If necessary, a neodymium magnet can also be used as a motor.

Function two:

Neodymium magnets can also be used as iron magnets. The application of neodymium magnets in traditional industries is mainly used in motors.

Function three:

Secondly, the application range of neodymium magnets can also be used in more practical places. For example, neodymium disc magnets can be used as speakers, and general speakers can be used.

Function four:

Neodymium ring magnets can also be heat treated, and nuclear magnetic resonance can be used to diagnose abnormal human tissues and diagnose diseases.

Function five:

Neodymium magnets can be used as electric fans, and are practical on the motors of electric fans. At the same time, they can also be used as magnetic therapy pillows and magnetic therapy belts.

Function six:

We can also use an iron remover made of neodymium magnets, which can remove iron dust that may exist in flour, etc.

In short, since the invention of this magnet, new application fields have appeared every year, and the annual growth rate has been more than 30%. Therefore, the application prospect of neodymium magnets is very broad.

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Post time: Jan-09-2023